Earn extra income with Recycle It

Encourage your children and their families to recycle their printer cartridges with Recycle It and we’ll give you £1 for every one they have refilled in your local Cartridge world store or 50p for ones that they drop off at special collection bins we give you. You can see which cartridges we accept here. It’s a great way to teach the next generation about the importance of helping the environment, reducing waste and preserving the world’s resources.

Free downloads

To help you encourage everyone to get involved, you can download a letter here for the parents. When you register we’ll also send you a Recycle It kit including leaflets for you to include with their letter. These explain how easily parents can play their part, support your school and help you earn valuable extra income. We’ll also provide parent loyalty cards, that they can have stamped each time they refill in store and return to you to be redeemed.

What to collect

You can collect inkjet and laser cartridges from printers, fax machines and desktop copiers – so any parent who works in an office or has a home computer can help. We accept ALL cartridges for recycling, but due to commercial reasons, we unfortunately cannot make a donation for some. You can access a full list of the makes we can make a donation for – and the exceptions – here.

Free support materials

As part of the Recycle It kit you’ll also receive posters to raise awareness and encourage the children and their families to get involved. We’ll provide you with a collection box so that your children can bring their empty cartridges in to you. We know you’ve got a lot to do so when they’re full give us a call and we’ll come to pick them up – you don’t have to do anything else.

No hidden catches

Recycle It is a great way to teach your children about the importance of helping the environment, reducing waste and preserving the world’s resources. There are no strings attached – all these materials are free, so please join us today!

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24.06.09 Cartridge World cartridges beat printer manufacturers' own in independent tests - Leading technology reviews website www.trustedreviews.com carries out hundreds of in-depth tests each year on a wide range of consumer electronics and IT equipment.

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